The Route Upon Arrival

Commissioned by The Wolverhampton ArtsFest, 2018

The Route Upon Arrival was an immersive exhibition held in Wolverhampton Town Centre as part of the 2018 ArtsFest. It was created to showcase the untold stories of Panjabi migrants during the post-war era. With aspirations to 'create a better life' for themselves and their families, hundreds of young Panjabi men established their new lives in the Black Country, finding ways to integrate and adapt to society. Many of the stories were collected verbatim-style to truly capture the emotions and stories uniquely and truthfully. The stories were then exhibited through the use of theatrical elements, to honour the sacrifices and struggles in a memorable way.


The exhibition was warmly welcomed by three generations of the Panjabi community in Wolverhampton and received praise from the local community for it's 'honesty and inclusion'. 

Eshmit Kaur, 2021 ©​