My Services

“EK” in Gurmukhi means “One.”

EK Therapy encompasses the Soul, the place of purity and devotion; the Mind, which is the home of our thought’s and capabilities and finally the Body, which holds stories of pain and survival of its own. EK Therapy believes that these elements have an important weighting in the therapy space. When we are able to integrate the Soul, Mind and Body, we’re able to reach a more fulfilled state and way of living.

As an Initiated Sikh, I encompass Sikh Values and acknowledge the healing potential of the Soul within the therapeutic process, and recognise how everyone is on their individual spiritual journey. The therapy space I hope to create for you is one that’s free of judgement, but instead full of empathy, warmth and understanding.

Sikh Ethos is the very core of EK Therapy.


My therapeutic approach is adaptable and playful.


I value:

  • Gurmat/Gurbani, which views that child-caregiver relationship as an extension of the Soul and Guru. This is much like Attachment and Psychodynamic Theories, which is the foundation of my Drama Therapy practice.

  • Relationality, which is about the connection to the self and others, and how these influence our everyday behaviour and thinking.

  • Anti-Oppressive and Trauma-Informed Practice, where I strive to create a place that feels safe and empowering for you, valuing your story and what has happened to you. Rather than simply trying to “fix” your behaviour, we can work to understand it better.

  • Finally, I seek to establish a therapy space that feels safe for you to bring your anxieties, fears, laughter and conflicts – a space where all parts of you are welcome and seen.

EK Therapy considers that you hold the Divine Light and potential to heal and flourish inside of you. I recognise that my place in your therapeutic journey is to whisper encouragement, gently challenge, establish safety and provide endless compassion. Therefore, EK Therapy’s approach is about Serving; the space I hold for you is in the Service and processing of your story. I hope that the stories you uncover and create, feel heard and seen by me.

Therapy can be for anyone​

It can be for people who have experienced loss or grief, Mental Health needs, bullying or simply to gain insight as to what could be happening for them in the here and now. Therapy can truly be for anybody willing to learn more about themselves, even with all of the resistances that come with that.

However, that’s not to say that therapy is going to be your most immediate need. For example, if you’re healing from a recent bereavement, it may be more appropriate to move past the initial mourning and rawness of the loss, before you step into the therapy space to process what has happened. It could be that before you’re able to access therapy, you need to access a safer environment or secure housing. These are the kind of things that we can figure out together in an Initial Consultation phone call and Assessment Session.

The Initial Consultation is a brief phone call for me to get an idea of why you would like to come to therapy and to ask me any questions. The Initial Assessment is an in-depth session where we will discuss your history. I’ll learn more about who you are, what could be adding to your problems and start to gain an idea of how I can support you. If therapy is for a child or young person (aged 5-18), I will usually offer a 90-minute Assessment to allow enough time for both parents/carers and the young person to share things from all perspectives.

I will then offer a Follow-up Consultation to discuss my recommendations. If it feels right for all of us, I’ll offer weekly Individual Therapy Sessions. Where required, I can also offer personalised reports, which can be useful for other professionals supporting you.


Please note that face-to-face fees may vary.

Initial Consultation

15 Minutes via Telephone




90 Minutes via Zoom


Follow Up Consultation

30 Minutes via Zoom


Individual Sessions

50 Minutes via Zoom




per hour

Consultation for professionals, adults or carers/parents:

A 60 minute session to discuss your concerns in depth and to identify current needs and challenges. My bespoke package includes a well-being plan with further recommendations and resources to support you or your young person.


Dyadic Drama Therapy: Dyadic Drama Therapy focuses on the relationship between the child-caregiver. The assessment process varies for this form of therapy, so please contact me directly to discuss your needs.