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“EK” in Gurmukhi means “One.”

Integration of the Soul, Mind and Body means we’re able to reach a more fulfilled state and way of living.

How does Oneness come into therapy? My approach is about recognising that the Soul, Mind and Body are all crucial for a person to feel wholesome, connected, grounded and safe.

The Soul holds healing potential but is often missed from Western Psychotherapy models. Some may call it their 'gut' or 'intuition' - we all have it, but may struggle to fully access it. You don't need to be 'religious' to feel connected to deeper layers of yourself or benefit from a space that is full of empathy, warmth and understanding. 

Oneness is the very core of EK Therapy.


EK Therapy considers that you hold the Divine Light and potential to heal and flourish inside of you. I recognise that my place in your therapeutic journey is to whisper encouragement, gently challenge, establish safety and provide endless compassion. EK Therapy aspires to Serve; the space I hold for you is in the Service and processing of your story. I hope that the stories you uncover and create, feel heard and seen by me.

Therapy can be for anyone​

Going to therapy can be hard; having to share inner conflicts and pain can feel exposing, yet liberating. My purpose is to create an empowering environment with you for these vulnerabilities to be shared safely.  People access therapy for all kinds of reasons; it can truly be for anybody willing to learn more about themselves, even with all of the resistances that come with that.

We can discuss your reasons for wanting therapy in your free consultation call then more in-depth during an assessment session. From there, you may decide that I'm the right therapist for you and we can arrange some sessions together.

My therapeutic approach is adaptable and playful


I value:

Relational and community experiences, which is about the connection to the self and others, and how these influence our everyday behaviour and thinking.

Cultural competency, where I recognise that we are different from one another, however, I respect your individual beliefs and adapt according to your needs.

Anti-Oppressive and Trauma-Informed Practice, which values your story as well as your symptoms. Rather than simply trying to “fix” your behaviour, we can work to understand it better.

I hope we can build a therapy space together that feels safe for you to bring your anxieties, fears, laughter and conflicts – a space where all parts of you are welcome and seen.

I also offer workshops, talks, therapeutic parenting and psychoeducation sessions.


EK Therapy operates on a sliding-scale fee structure for all client work, that varies dependent on the financial circumstance of the fee payer. Minimum fees for online sessions are listed below.

Initial Consultation

15 Minutes




90 Minutes

£80 or £55 per hour

Individual Sessions

50 Minutes





per hour



50 Minutes


Dyadic Drama Therapy: This approach focuses on the relationship between the child-caregiver and includes both within the therapeutic process. The assessment process varies for this form of therapy, so please contact me directly to discuss your needs.



Please contact me for further information and a consultation form

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